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Zawacki Dance and Workout

Announcing Eddie's Newest Classes

Private Dancer
An exotic dance class for men and women that combines strip, pole, lap and hip-hop.

A new and exciting introduction to tap dancing taking you through the music and styles of a nostalgic era.


Stylized dance technique incorporating a wide range of movements and rhythms inspired by both musical theater and music video. Warm-up and combinations form the basic structure of the class.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop, a funky street dance class.

Ballet Classes
BALLET Teen/Adult Open Level
POINTE Classes

“The Challenge”™
Developed by Eddie Zawacki this is a cardiovascular workout designed to burn fat, shape and tone muscles, build strength, and increase stamina.

The Warrior
Cindy’s energetic aerobic kickboxing workout combining jabs, punches, and kicks will make for a beautiful body that’s both strong and lean.

“Zawacki Sculpt”™
An isometric toning class for abs, hips, thighs, and butt. For people who don’t want to jump – excellent for beginners.

“New Age Stretch”™
Developed by Eddie Zawacki, this non-impact class is designed for both men and women of all fitness levels. Slow and concise series of stretching postures and movements to increase flexibility, improve circulation, and relieve hypertension and stress. Great for lengthening and reshaping muscles improving muscle tone.



Phone: 1-516-625-2652

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